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Doctor Who Theories.

Oct 5 '12


shoutout to dean winchester for winning the hunger games

Apr 20 '12



Doctor Who filming in Llanelli.

Apr 5 '12

Katniss this time! Draw Something loves The Hunger Games!


Katniss this time! Draw Something loves The Hunger Games!

Mar 28 '12

LOOK! Haymitch!!


LOOK! Haymitch!!

Sep 25 '11

I have yet another theory, which is probably a little too late, but best to post it before this Saturday…

The Doctor that wears the green coat is the Doctor from maybe 190+ years in the future, and the Doctor in the tweed jacket is the present day Doctor. We all think we’ve seen 2 Doctors this season (3 if you include his flesh doppelganger)…but what if we’ve seen 3 (or 4 including the ganger)…we’ve seen present day Doctor, who’s being informed of his death…the Doctor who was killed in Day of the Moon, and then another Doctor in the green coat who’s basically manipulating the timeline so he won’t end up dying…or something like that. I mean…the Doctor we saw after the Doctor had been killed was, what? 200 years younger…so it’s almost impossible for 200 years to have passed during the course of the series…unless he spent 200 years looking for Melody, which I doubt very much.

I think the Doctor knows exactly what he’s doing. Moffat is playing with out heads, surprise surprise…so maybe there aren’t 2 Doctors like everyone thinks, but an extra one. Wibbly wobbly timey wimey and all that.

Sep 18 '11

"Sometimes knowing your own future is what enables you to change it."

The Doctor says this in The Girl Who Waited. And I can’t help but wonder if this is what’s being applied in The Doctors case. He knows he’s going to die, and he knows when…so what if this is what he meant. The Doctors words always have more than one meaning behind them, and I think he was talking about himself, as well as Amy when he said this.

Aug 27 '11

Let’s Kill Hitler


So I have a lot of speculation on this episode and it links in with The Impossible Astronaut.

Melody Pond, as we know, is River Song. She killed the Doctor, and then used up all her regenerations to bring him back…but before this happened, we got some information…

The Silence is a religion…not a species, or kind of alien…now that little revelation has left me stumped, and what was the “question”…?

What also has me confused is why River Song was shooting at the Astronaut in TIA, if she knew it was her. Surely she couldn’t kill herself then, otherwise she wouldn’t be alive in the present, and not only that, but it would create a paradox. Who would have shot River Song if she died in the past, she wouldn’t have been alive in the future to shoot herself. 

I’m not making too much sense right now, and I’m still thinking this through…but Let’s Kill Hitler was a great episode. Melody Pond, was named after herself…now that’s confusing.

Aug 15 '11

Torchwood : Miracle Day.

I hope you don’t mind if I post a Torchwood theory on here as well. I just have a little speculation.

OK, the ‘miracle’. I honestly think this is just a big plot to get rid of Captain Jack. Alien technology is broadcasting a signal that stimulates the cells that should have died, and people are living forever. So, if the signal broadcasts one one “frequency” or whatever it is, it’s basically having the opposite reaction on Captain Jack. PhiCorp is the company behind all of this, that much is obvious, but there’s something controlling them. 

Jack is the most vulnerable man on the planet right now, and they know that…so why are they letting him live?

Why are they burning their victims? Because they don’t have any use for them. Given time, theoretically, they could all heal naturally, since they can’t die…so why are they being disposed of?

And what part does Oswald Danes have to play in all of this?

Aug 15 '11

Rory Williams.

I have a feeling that there is an actual reason Rory keeps dying/almost dying.

I think it’s all connected to the “door” in his head that allows him to remember when he was a Roman. I think Series 6 and Series 5 are connected in more ways than we think, and that the universe is still being rebuilt, and the Silence are a sort of ‘aftershock’ of the big bang 2. 

What if Rory was always supposed to die, because yes, time can be re-written, and the universe is all brand new again - sort of…but there are some things that are fixed, even if they happen differently, they still happen. Look at the episode with Vincent Van Gough in it for example…Amy and the Doctor changed his perspective, and added to his pile of good things, but he still died. What if this is what’s happening to Rory? Also, in Day of the Moon, River was naturally concerned when the Silence were in the tunnels, but something about her tone bothered me…like she knew something.

What if the Silence did come through the cracks, but Rory went into the cracks, and maybe it was an exchange, so either the Silence need to go back, or something…I haven’t really thought that far ahead, but I just have a feeling the Rory and the Silence are related.

Anyway, this is just a theory. Moffat will clear everything up in part 2 of series 6.

Aug 4 '11

River Song.

I don’t think there’ll be some massive twist where it turns out River is the Doctor’s daughter, rather than Amy and Rory’s, because that would be stupid and expected. Not to mention the Doctor would have snogged his own daughter, and that’s just…no.

Anyway, my theory is that River DID kill the Doctor. She killed him under orders from Madame Kovarian, and whatever force is controlling her (the Silence, perhaps?). But they meet in the wrong order, so what if she kills him, and then she meets a younger version of him, not by much…it’s still early days for her, but the Doctor would know everything there is to know about her. She falls in love with him, but she still has to live with the guilt of killing him. She’s in Stormcage for killing him, because she said she was in here for killing “a good man”, and the title of the episode where we find out River is Amy and Rory’s daughter is “A Good Man Goes To War”, so some obvious speculation is being made over that. 

I don’t know if this made much sense, but I believe that River did kill the Doctor, but she still falls in love with him when she meets a younger version. So, that’s my theory.

I don’t have many theories on the death of the Doctor, but I do have some. I’ll post about that another time.